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Supercart supports the top 50+ tokens we believe are best suited for online commerce. Tokens such as USDC, DAI, USDT, ETH are the most desirable by merchants as they are very liquid and relatively stable. Supercart supports custom tokens and eventually non-evm chains but for v1 we are launching with popular, fully audited and common tokens and will add more in Q4 2023.
The methodology used to select which tokens to support is completely un-scientific - we simply asked merchants which tokens they wanted to accept for their businesses and ensured they were tokens with both CEX and DEX pairs, large volumes, audited contracts and wide support in 3rd party wallets.
Stablecoins make the most sense for commerce as shopping totals need to be crystallized in value during checkout to ensure fair pricing. We expect this list to grow and change over time as the market matures and commerce gravitates towards certain coins.
Watch this space: Crypto is such a rapidly changing environment and new and innovative tokens are being developed every day. We expect this landscape to change as regulation becomes more clear and as the market starts to coalesce around certain payment methods.